Our Appeal

Every year, we at SWSA use some of our resources to make improvements to our jumping facilities, and this year is no exception. Right now we are making changes to our junior landing profiles as well as fabricating a framework on the 70 meter inrun. Both projects are intended to reduce our snowmaking needs, cut back on the number of volunteers needed to move snow around and to lower our energy costs. By the way, we are able to accomplish all of this work without affecting our commitment to our junior ski programs.

All of our work at SWSA is possible only through your generosity year after year. If you would like to help us again this season, please click below to learn more. All of us at SWSA thank you.

Click here to download the 2017 Annual Appeal Letter to learn more.

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Salisbury Winter Sports Associate
A Salisbury tradition for 90 years, this all-volunteer organization has fostered the exhilarating sport of ski jumping among all ages and generations. SWSA continues to improve its snowmaking capabilities, ensuring that the Eastern National Ski Jumping Championships will remain an annual event in Salisbury, CT

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